Everything You Need To Know About Voip Gateway

Everything You Need To Know About Voip Gateway

These days, switching to business VoIP has become familiar with standard PSTN. It is said that around 61% of the business has changed to VoIP or cloud telephony.

What is VoIP Gateway?

A hardware device that converts to packets of data for transmission from telephony traffic over the internet is what VoIP Gateway means. VoIP Gateway is different from VoIP box as they convert one phone simultaneously, whereas VoIP Gateway converts wholesome at a time.

Everything You Need To Know About Voip Gateway

There are two types of gateways(analog and digital). These gateways connect VoIP traffic to CDMA or GSM, which are wireless networks. VoIP Gateway is an essential tool for large offices which are making the switch to VoIP services.

Who are the Gateway manufacturers?

The importance of the Gateway is known now, so who are the top manufacturers? According to the stats, beroNet is the top Gateway manufacturers in the world currently. Grandstream, Advanced Network Devices, Avaya, Patton, Vega, IMG, Mediatrix, AudioCodes, and Sangoma are the top 10 companies leading the Gateway manufacturers.

VoIP Gateways’ only purpose is connecting the legacy phones to VoIP?

No, years ago, gateways were used to connect the main office with the other branch offices. Instead of making long-distance calls, businesses use their VoIP connections to contact another office and transfer the call to PSTN. In this way, the rings were entirely local and were originating thousands of miles away.

Reasons to get Gateway.

One of the reasons to consider Gateway is the cost. There are many expenses like the IT support costs, PBX infrastructure cost, cost of the new phones, and the cost and time to train the staff with its latest equipment. It would be costly to change the entire office to VoIP. Many companies who rely on fax machines might discontinue the phone service or hesitate to use it because of the fallback modes in VoIP. Many companies adopt hybrid approaches combining Gateway and VoIPs and taking advantage of both services for many other reasons.

Types of VoIP Gateways

There are two types of gateways( analog and digital). The analog VoIP gateway will connect between 2 to 24 legacy phones. There are two types of analog gateways, Foreign Exchange Office or FEO and Foreign Exchange Subscriber/station)

A digital VoIP gateway will help encode digital devices like ISDN or PRI( primary rate interface might.

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