Different Network Installations With Different Uses

Different Network Installations With Different Uses

Before installing any network, it is better to know which is to be installed and more suitable. From a device for a single room to millions of devices across the globe, these are depending on the size and purpose.

PAN(Personal Area Network)

As the name says, it is for the personal area or a small and basic type of internet. PAN is a wireless modem with a computer or two, phones, tablets, printers, etc., and it only provides internet to a single person, or the network coverage is significantly less. These are better for a single person or to cover a small room.

Different Network Installations With Different Uses

LAN(Local Area Network)

LAN is the most common and the most straightforward network that is seen all over the world these days. It is the most original one where it connects to a group of computers within a short distance to share information and resources. Most of the companies use LAN, and it is most frequent.

WLAN(Wireless Local Area Network)

Just like the Local Area Network, WLANs work the same. The technology has improved so much that now we can adopt wireless networks like wifi. These devices do not require any devices, and they depend on physical cables which connect to the internet.

CAN(Campus Area Network)

CANs are the network that is more significant than LANs and can cover a little more distance. These are used mainly in the schools, colleges, and small businesses that are closely attached buildings to share the resources.

MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)

These networks are more significant than LANs but they are smaller than WANs(Wide Area Network). MANs cover a large ar; it can cover an entire geographic area mostly a town or a campus)Only one person or a company maintains them.

Different Network Installations With Different Uses

WAN(Wide Area Network)

Internet is one of the typical examples for WAN as it connects all the computers around the world.

This network is slightly more complex than LAN, but WANs connect the computers across the area, cover a more considerable distance. It allows the computers to be remotely connected and have a nonextensive network to communicate even if the other computer is miles aparttypial. Because of its cast reach, it might be challenging to manage by one person, so there will be multiple administrations or the public.

SAN(System-Area Network)

This local network is designed to provide high-speed internet connection in a cluster environment, Short Area Networks, and processor to processor applications. These are connected in the last two decades, and the computers connected on the SAN can be operated at a very high speed by a single system.

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