Introduction: Opening the Door to Male Victims
Why the Need For A Male-Inclusive Perspective?
Why the Need to Re-Vision Male Victimization?
Purpose of The Invisible Boy.
Chapter 1. Prevalence: A Many Sided Story
Sexual Abuse of Boys and Teen Males
Sibling on Sibling Sexual Abuse
Sexual Harassment
Male Prison Rape and Sexual Assault
Physical Abuse, Neglect, and Emotional Maltreatment
Sibling on Sibling Physical Abuse
Corporal Punishment
Community, School, and Institution-Based Violence
Street Youth
Children With Disabilities
Professional Response to Male Victims as a Factor in Determining Prevalence
Media Images of Violence Toward Boys and Young Men

Chapter 2. Perpetrators of Male Victimization
Sexual Abuse
Teen Perpetrators
Strangers vs. Acquaintances
Female Perpetrators
Dynamics of Female Perpetrated Abuse
Physical Abuse and Neglect
Corporal Punishment
Chapter 3. Effects of Victimization on Males
Sexual Abuse
Physical Abuse, Corporal Punishment, and Neglect
The Consequences of “Male Sexual License”
Chapter 4. Implications
Implications For Research
Implications For Assessment, Treatment, and Program Development
A Repeating Cycle of Violence?
Implications For Staff Development and Program Supervision
The Search For a More Inclusive Framework For Analysis
The Messages We Give to Male Victims
How Would Things Be Different If We Acknowledged Male Victims?
Beginning With Ourselves As Adults
Resources and Bibliography


The Invisible Boy: Revisioning the Victimization of Male Children & Teens was prepared by the Canadian Foster Family Association (CFFA) on behalf of the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence of Health Canada.

The CFFA would particularly like to thank those who assisted in the preparation of the manuscript, Judy Urquhart, Len Kushnier, Veronica Marsman, Philip Quigley; the Family Violence Prevention Division and the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence of Health Canada for their support to the project; and the project staff,

Dr. Fred Mathews and John Meston.

Linda Lelièvre


Canadian Foster Family Association