German submarine U‑625 was sunk on March 10, 1944 off the west coast of Ireland (52° 35′ north, 20° 19′ west) by Sunderland flying boat EK591 “2U” of 422 Squadron RCAF.
My father, Frank Cauley, was the navigator aboard the Sunderland that sunk U‑625.

CLICK HERE to read an account about the sinking of U-625
Having been brought up with my father’s stories about the sinking of U‑625, I figure it was fate that brought me into a hobby shop one day in December 2005, and to find Revell’s excellent 1:72 VIIC kit sitting on the shelf. The kit measures 93cm in length (!) and has incredible detail.

A few quick phone calls to confirm that U‑625 was in fact a VIIC U-boat started the ball rolling, and the project started there. We had only some scarce photographs of U‑625 to work from – taken from the Sunderland on the day the sub was sunk – so a flurry of U‑boat research began by family members.

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