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Hello and welcome! I hope you find this page both informative and useful. Please use the wav. files . . . they are there for you to download!

The original language page was getting far too cluttered, so I moved over some of the information on to this new page. It has the pronuncation info on Numbers, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, as well as Words and Phrases. Please enjoy, and feel free to download any of these wav. files!

Note: All files are less than 50 Kb unless there is a * beside it.

After learing the numbers 1-10, Hungarian numbers become quite simple. Just learn the prefix to the number and add on th extra (e.g., In English Twenty + Three = Twentythree). Given is an example number for each multiple of ten – it’s easy, you’ll catch on! If there are any irregularities, I will give them.

You are probably wondering why it is “kétszáz” and not “kettőszáz”…well, the reason is that “kettő” changes to “két” when it is before something else. This is the same throughout, this is a steadfast rule in Hungarian numbers.

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